Fat Blasting Foods

Wise, Common-Sense Tips To Keep You Fit Every Day Using These Fat Blasting Foods.

In today’s society, many people lead a very sedentary lifestyle. This state of affairs can cause us to become exhausted from simple activities of everyday living such as carrying groceries, walking upstairs or simply walking from the car to the office or shopping mall entrance. If you’ve experienced these sorts of situations lately, you’re probably thinking that it’s time for a change. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. In this article, we’ll discuss simple, common-sense changes you can make to your lifestyle that will help you become fit without even trying.

First, look at the way you eat. Most Americans tend to skip breakfast, scarf down a hasty lunch, eat a heavy dinner followed by an evening of snacking in front of the television set. This is exactly wrong. Instead, it’s best to eat three light meals and three light snacks a day.

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, and it should consist of a high protein source such as eggs accompanied by fruit and perhaps a glass of milk, buttermilk or juice. Adding a healthy source of the whole grain such as a cup of oatmeal is also a good idea. Remember to have a healthful snack mid-morning such as nuts, fruit and juice or tea.

A light lunch of salad, a cup of soup and pure filtered water should get you through until your afternoon tea time at about three or four. This can consist of actual herbal tea if you wish accompanied by a natural high fiber, high protein snack such as a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. It’s also good to have a glass of milk with peanut butter as this combination forms a complete protein.

Dinner should likewise be light and can consist of a high protein source such as chicken breast, lean meat or tofu accompanied by steamed or stir-fried fresh vegetables and whole wheat bread. Remember to drink lots of pure filtered water to stay well hydrated and keep your whole body working properly.

Throughout your healthful fitness habits project, keep in mind that the beverages most often consumed by the American public consist of nothing but empty calories, chemicals and artificial color. Sadly, most Americans get about 80% of their liquids from carbonated soft drinks. These drinks add nothing to your diet but woes and mayhem.

Find Out How To Melt The Fat Using The Insanity 60-Day Workout.

The human body has absolutely no need for artificial coloring, chemicals and excessive processed sugar, and these ingredients can become nothing but excessive weight and illness. As you strive to gain excellent health, strive to replace carbonated soft drinks with healthful choices such as milk, freshly squeezed natural juice, and most of all pure filter water.

Be a good citizen of the planet by shunning bottled water and purchasing an inexpensive carbon activated filtration pitcher to filter your existing tap water into pure, filtered water that you can enjoy for pennies on the gallon. Always carry your own reusable water container with you to avoid tossing mountains of plastic containers into the landfill and the ocean.

With your new and improved eating habits, you’re sure to have more energy. This will support you in increasing your activity level every day. You don’t have to set aside a special exercise time in order to get more exercise; although, that is the ideal. If you want to get more exercise, simply substitute walking and biking for driving your car whenever possible. If you have a choice between taking the stairs and taking the elevator, take the stairs. When you run your errands, park in a central location and walk to all places you need to go. Remember to carry your water bottle with you to stay well hydrated at all times. This cannot be stressed enough, as good hydration supports excellent health and proper functioning of every system in your body.

After a few weeks of healthy eating, good hydration and active choices, you may find yourself longing for more exercise. When this happens, you’ll be happy to add a daily exercise routine to your schedule. An excellent thing to add is a daily swim. If there is a local college or gym on your way home from work where you could stop and enjoy a swim, this would add a relaxing element of transition time to your day while providing you with a type of exercise that you could not get in any other way.

If you don’t have the option of swimming, adding a half hour walk after dinner everyday is a very fine choice. Pick up a few yoga DVDs for an additional, relaxing stretching workout before bed every night. One very welcome side effect of your new healthful fitness habits will surely be excellent sleep!

When you follow these tips to live a healthy lifestyle, you will very quickly find yourself not only healthier but also happier and stronger. Making sound, mindful choices in every moment of every day will combine to bring you physical fitness and even emotional and spiritual well-being. Be the very best and healthiest you that you can possibly be by following these wise, common sense tips for fitness.

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Losing Weight In Five Easy Steps

Are you struggling to get rid of your extra pounds? You will get in shape in less then six months if you adopt an efficient weight loss program. .

It is best to design your own weight loss program rather than follow a method or a diet designed by someone else. Your weight loss program should be adapted to your needs, habits, and goals.  A lot of weight loss solutions only work for the short term because they require you to adopt an unbalanced diet and deprive your body from certain foods in order to lose weight quickly. Some people call these FAD DIETS.  Focusing on proper nutrition and an exercise program that works for you is the best method for long term success.  Whatever you do, AVOID skipping meals.  You need calories and nutrients to fuel your body.

No matter how efficient your weight loss program is, you will not stay fit if you go back to your old habits once you reach an ideal weight. You should not approach your fitness program as something you’ll only do for a few months. Look at it as a life change.  This should be an occasion for you to adopt healthy habits and transform your lifestyle for good. Making changes to your lifestyle will be easier if you take your time. Focus on getting rid of one bad habit at a time, and give yourself enough time to get used to your new strategies. Do it in a way that works best for you.

You will need to make some changes to your diet. You need to watch the type of foods you choose as well as the quantities you eat. Stay away from foods that contain too much sugar and preservatives.  Stay away from fast food, fried foods, and processed foods.

You should get into the habit of checking the labels everything consumable you purchase. You might be surprised to find out your favorite foods and beverages have a high amount of sugar. Go grocery shopping more often so you can keep fresh food in your fridge. If you don’t have time to cook healthy meals every day, prepare large quantities of your favorite healthy dish during the weekend and freeze small portions. When eating out, don’t hesitate to ask about the healthiest items on the menu.  The best thing you can do is prepare.

Introduce new healthy foods in your diet. You should eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and lean meats. Try new foods you’re not familiar with and attempt different cooking methods. You should eat three balanced meals a day at regular hours. If you get hungry between meals, try eating five smaller meals a day. You should calculate how many calories you need in a day and keep track of your caloric intake. If you’re having a hard time finding healthy foods you like or planning balanced meals, you should schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or do some research on nutrition on your own.

Living a more active lifestyle will help you stay in shape and will reduce your risks of developing health problems as you age. This means you should avoid spending long hours sitting in front of your TV or computer. Find a hobby that allows you to be more active and walk as much as possible. You should also put together a complete fitness program to burn calories and tone your body. One of the best ones I’ve found is the Insanity 60 Day Program.  You can find out how to buy the Insanity DVD program by clicking the link.

Using a workout DVD like that will allow you to easily start at home by doing exercise and moving.  There’s no need for a gym membership. Find a fun cardio workout to burn calories on a regular basis, such as swimming, riding your bike, practicing a martial art, or even dancing. Once you start getting in shape, tone your different muscle groups by lifting weights. Start exercising slowly and give your body plenty of time to heal in between workouts.

These are just a few of the things you can do to improve your health and well being.  Feel free to post your comments or questions below if you need anything.

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How To Help Your Overweight Child Lose Weight

Having an overweight child can be very difficult. You don’t want to deprive your child of the food he or she needs to grow and thrive; however, being overweight can cause many problems in a child’s social life in the present and in terms of health, fitness and acceptance in society in the future. It may be hard to address your child’s weight problem, but as a parent, you have the responsibility to do so. Luckily, you can do this in a kind and gentle way that will not hurt your child’s feelings and will help and support his or her self-image and feelings of confidence. Follow the guidelines presented here to help your child recognize his or her weight problem and deal with it effectively.

Be sure to set up a regular eating schedule for your child. Rather than watching your child like a hawk and correcting eating habits on a regular ongoing basis throughout the day, make certain that you are always there with a regular schedule of three healthful and satisfying meals and three light and nutritious snacks a day. When you make sure that your child has proper nutrition on a regular basis, you are heading off obesity at the pass. This one simple tip maybe all that you need to do to address your child’s weight problem. Nonetheless, keep reading for more great ideas to help you keep your child fit and trim.

When you introduce the habit of eating three moderate, healthful meals per day and three light and nutritious snacks, remember that your portions should be less then the average American is used to. In America, we tend to pile our plates high at dinnertime. This is not a healthy way to do it! Remember to serve moderate portions at each meal and reasonable portions at each snack. If you are serving healthful foods to begin with and encouraging your child to eat slowly and chew well, it is unlikely that your child will feel hungry or ask for seconds. If your child does ask for seconds under these circumstances, it’s probably just fine. Remember that children are growing and sometimes need extra food. If you make smart choices in food when choosing and serving, your child will be safe in asking for seconds when necessary.

Always make smart, natural choices in the foods you choose to prepare. Avoid heavily processed foods, foods that are filled with hydrogenated oils, unnatural coloring and flavoring, artificial sweeteners and so on. Instead, choose natural whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein choices and healthful oils that contain plenty of omega three fatty acids. Remember that children do need more oils in their diet than adults do. This is important for proper growth and development, so do not place your child on a low fat diet. Instead, be sure to choose healthful oils and fats included in the proper amount. Making natural, healthful choices in your kitchen will benefit your child, yourself and your entire family.

Making sure that your child is well fed at home will help your child to make smart choices in social situations and at school. Be sure your child has a delicious and healthful lunch to carry to school every day, and make sure the lunch is plentiful so your child will not feel hungry and dissatisfied at school. When your child goes to parties and holiday celebrations, don’t deprive him or her of the fun of enjoying the special foods that are presented. Instead, be certain that your child is well fed at home in advance.

Don’t be an embarrassing addition to your child’s social outings by making a big deal of food choices in social settings. Discuss this casually at home and interest your child to make choices. All of this is part of developing a healthful relationship with prove that will serve your child well throughout his or her lifetime.

Never reward your child for good behavior, good grades or anything else with food. This is setting your child up for a lifetime of believing that every good occasion calls for food. This is a very unhealthy relationship with food. Instead, provide your child with a regular, modest allowance for doing specific chores around the house. Provide opportunities to earn money or privileges by doing extra chores. Remember to praise your child lavishly for good behavior, good grades and any and all other praiseworthy events. Help your child plan smart ways to spend and invest money earned. This will help your child avoid squandering money on junk food and candy and instead prepare for a life as a responsible adult.

Set a good fitness example by exercising yourself. Be sure to plan family fitness activities such as ballgames, family hikes, weekly swimming and so on to keep everybody in shape. Make certain that you make wise choices such as walking or biking instead of driving whenever possible, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking a daily walk or bike ride just for the fun of it. Be as active as you can at all times and include your child. This at-home version of being the change you wish to see in the world will benefit you, your child and your entire family.


Above all, never tell your child to do is I say and not as I do! If you want your child to stay fit and slim and healthy, you must make healthful choices yourself. Set a good example and help your child makes smart, healthy choices for a long and happy life.

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Weight Loss Advice For Men Over 40

Weight gain is the biggest problem for many men in their 40’s. In fact weight loss for men over 40 seems to be impossible.  Once you hit middle age, it seems so easy to add on a few pounds, but yet, those few pounds are hard to burn off. Unfortunately, that comes with the aging process.

The changes in your body as it ages affects how it uses energy. This is not to say that this is a hopeless case. It just means that, as you age, you have to pay extra attention to what you eat and how you treat your body. Every little bit counts. To learn more about how you can stay physically fit well into your middle age and beyond continue reading.

Why are you gaining weight. This may have something to do with physiological changes that your body goes through. When you get older the mass of your muscles decrease. This is particularly true if you don’t keep up with your exercises.

The ability for your body to burn fat slows down. A lot of time, this is made worse by going on fad diets.  It creates a “yo-yo” effect on your body weight.  Often times it causes you to gain back more weight than you lost in the first place.

Weight gain can also be genetic, which explains why some people gain weight much faster than others.

The Secret To Weight Loss For Men Over 40

The secret to losing weight is in your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the quicker you can burn off those extra calories. Your metabolism is determined by a multitude of factors, including your age, gender and genetics. For instance, men naturally burn off calories quicker than women, even if both people are resting. However, there are things you can do to speed up your metabolism. The biggest factor  is the amount of exercise that you get. The more you exercise, the faster your metabolism will be.  But it’s specific types of exercise.  The kinds of exercises you want to focus on are high intensity interval training similar to the ones found in the Insanity 60-Day Workout by Beachbody.

There are medications that you can take to speed up weight loss, but usually that is only reserved for the more severe cases. Only your doctor can tell if medications are appropriate for your health situation. Keep in mind there is no pill that will be perfect for weight loss.  If you go that route you will be trading one thing for another. Medication should be taken as part of a weight loss only if your doctor prescribes it.

As mentioned earlier, exercising is definitely the secret to a fast metabolism. Doing the right exercises can really help you boost your metabolic rate. Here are some suggestions on the right type of exercise to include.

You should include some form of muscle building in your exercise regimen. This is not to say that you will become a bodybuilder. But building more muscle does help you burn more calories… even when your muscles are resting.

Aerobic exercises don’t build muscles like resistance training but will improve your cardiovascular system.  Any type of exercise will help you burn calories but if you can keep it focused and intense, the more effective it will be.

It may be a good idea to look for support groups.  You can find people in your demographic that will motivate you and keep you on track. Check with your doctor to see if he has information. You may even be able to find an online community to participate. This is a way for you to vent frustrations, air out your concerns, and just connect with people who are going through similar struggles. If you can find support locally, you can even get together for exercises, just to make things more interesting.

Don’t overlook the importance of a healthy, low-fat diet. Cut out junk food that provide no nutritional value and too many empty calories. Drink plenty of water with your meals which helps your metabolism. Indulge in an energy drink occasionally. Some help speed up your metabolism because they include ingredients like caffeine and amino acids. Save your favorite dessert for special occasions and eat more fruits to satisfy your craving for sweets.

As you get older, you have to be mindful that your body will have different needs. It is not the same body that you had twenty years ago. However, with the right attitude and proper planning, you can stay in tip-top shape regardless of how old you are.  Avoid a sedentary life. Get into the habit of moving your body and getting proper physical exercise. If you have the right self-discipline, you can stay fit and keep your weight down well into your mature years.

To your health.

John Sherman

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Lose Weight Cheap

Lose Weight CheapIf you’ve ever wanted to know how to lose weight fast and cheap then you should read the rest of this article.

A common stereotype in modern times is that poor folks are typically obese. While this stereotype is statistically true in many cases within this nation, it is not something you have to live into.  If you don’t have lots of money, that’s ok. If your wallet is a little on the thin side, there are ways that you can join it in being slender, without spending a lot of money.

1. Consider smaller gyms around your community. Local, independent and regional establishments hunger for business. National chains with huge gyms are effective places to lose weight and can offer occasional deals, but are built in areas that were market tested to prove profitability. Local, smaller gyms are trying to eke out a living and just make it through the next few quarters, and are more likely to offer new clientele some serious discounts and pricing to keep you away from the chains.  Besides that, the smaller gyms may offer more one-on-one time that would allow you to get better results regardless if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain.

2. If you are building a weight set at home, do it in increments. Having a full weight set is a good goal, but there is no need to buy it all at once. Clear out a corner of a room one weekend, and then buy the basic starting chair or storage rack. Then, you can add one weight set with every or every other paycheck. This curve might even match your growing physical ability to lift the heavier expensive weights, so why have them early?  You might even consider starting with dumbbells.  They are typically cheaper and you can by them cheaply from used sports stores.  You could even check Craigslist in your area to see if someone is trying to get rid of their set.

3. Running is the ultimate in budget-friendly exercise. The only investments are time and a good pair of running shoes. There are places to run all around you and they are available all day long.  If you have to save up for a good pair of running shoes I would encourage you to think about doing just that.  If you have shoes that are not designed to protect your feet you could end up with severe foot problems.  On the other hand you could begin practicing the new fad and go barefoot.  Be sure to work up to what is doable for you.

4. Yoga is one of the most increasingly popular exercise forms in recent years. Many studios have monthly contracts that are around a hundred dollars for unlimited classes. Another trend are ‘community’ or ‘good karma’ classes, which are typically just five dollars per session, as compared to the average of fifteen. For home practice, there is a booming market of DVDs that you pay for once and can practice with as much as you like. For free home practice, check out internet amateur video websites that offer sample classes from teachers and studios trying to promote themselves.  You could even get your fix of Yoga by doing a quick Youtube search.

5. Outdoor activities like hiking, boating, swimming and rock climbing are available in most communities. Check out your government websites for local municipal, state and even national parks. Most feature no to low admission costs and have a variety of activities available.  Anytime you can get moving and do it with friends it’s going to be good.  My wife has tried mall working with a friend of hers.  She gets to pass the stores, do some people watching, and she gets her heart rate up.  All you have to do is get a little creative and you could have a low cost solution to weight loss ready to go.

6. Check online sources as well as local media for community sponsored activities. Charity walks or runs are often sources of raising donations for certain charities. Festivals also often have some kind of featured athletic event you could participate in.   You could consider asking friends or family to sponsor your run or walk.  In the end you’ll be raising money for a good cause while you get into and stay in shape.

7. Fitness videos are extremely low cost these days, thanks largely to two considerations. One, almost all homes have DVD players. Two, video can be streamed online over the internet. Check the bargain DVD bin of your favorite retailer and the video tab of your search engine of choice to find a boggling supply of exercise videos available to you free and cheap.  If you’re interested in finding out a proven workout DVD then you should check out the DVD from Beach Body.  It’s called Insanity 60 Day Total Body Workout.  Click the link and I’ll show you how to buy the insanity workout cheap.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

Finding the best fitness plan on a budget is a little harder than if you were doing better financially, but it is certainly not impossible. Apply the ideas presented in this article to your life and you might find yourself in better shape without draining your wallet.  These are definitely the best ways I’ve found to lose weight on the cheap.

John Sherman
Big Daddys Health Spot

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Benefits Of Stretching Before Exercise

What are the benefits of stretching before exercise?

Remember, the purpose of stretching is to warm up, improve your performance, and reduce injury.  It will increase your core temperature, improves flexibility, lengthens and loosens tight muscles, and improves any restrictions you may have in your motion.

Most people see stretching as something that is boring and tedious.  In fact most people perform static stretching.  Static stretching is the type of stretching where you stay in one spot and stretch muscles and tendons one at a time.  You might lean over at the waist and stretch your hamstrings.  It has been found that this type of stretching is not as effective until after you have increased your core temperature and stretched your muscles.

What types of movements for dynamic stretching will benefit me most?

The bottom line is you want to move.  You want to get your blood moving through your body.  And the best way to do that are to perform movements in place.  It’s much easier to show you than it is to write about.  So I’ve found a great video for you below that will show you exactly what I’m talking about.  In fact, I wouldn’t change a thing from this video.  It’s an excellent set of motions for stretching.

Check them out in this video…

I hope you can see how dynamic stretching can improve your overall exercise performance when done properly.

Now I’d like to bring your attention to the actual exercise routine.  If you’ve ever been looking for a program that is out of this world for getting results then I urge you to take a look at a program based on High Intensity Interval Training.  The program I’m referring to is the Insanity 60-Day Program.  In fact you can learn more about it here:

Buy The Insanity Workout Cheap

You’ll see how the trainer, Shaun T incorporates a cardio workout while building muscle strength.  It’s an amazing program.  Check it out if you’re interested.  It also incorporates an excellent routine for stretching.  So not only do you get the benefits of stretching before your exercise you get the cardio workout of a lifetime.

Either way I hope you got a huge benefit from the stretching video above.

To your health,

John Sherman
Big Daddy’s Health Spot

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Lose Weight Fast Without Pills Using These 4 Exercises

Lose Weight Fast Without Pills

Being overweight has probably slowed you down in different areas of your life. Maybe you can’t keep up with your kids. Maybe you find yourself out of breath and you’re just mowing the lawn. Maybe you even find yourself declining certain invitations from friends because you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

I know what it’s like to head to the beach with the family worried what people will think of me. I know what it’s like to think to myself, “Why is my wife with someone who is overweight like this? What does she see in me?”

All of this comes up and it’s ok. I understand that you’re ready to do something about it and want to do it naturally. You want to stay away from all the weight loss pills on the market. And I’m going to give you a push in the right direction in this short article, so keep reading.

Why should you NOT use pills to lose weight?

I’m sure you know there are hundreds of weight loss remedies and weight loss cures on the market. And most of them, if not all of them, are full of malarkey. Many of them can be dangerous. Others don’t work a lick. But many people try them because they want something that’s going to work fast.

I know you’re here because you want to lose weight without the pills and just in case you get the urge, remember that many people who try the pills often gain all their weight back and even more. If it were me, I would avoid these potentially dangerous pills at all costs.

I know, you’ve waited long enough. So what’s the solution.

What methods of weight loss work the fastest?

A little diet and exercise are always the best, safest, and most trusted methods for weight loss. I know, I didn’t say anything about what’s fastest. The only workouts that I’ve seen that work the fastest are the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises that you see when you buy workout programs like Beach Body’s Insanity 60 Day Workout DVD.

Medical science has proven that HIIT works well at losing weight with the right diet. Not only that HIIT has secondary benefits. You’ll improve your oxygen intake. You’ll improve your strength. You’ll improve your cardiovascular health. And best of all it does NOT take two or three hours at the gym to complete. You can finish an effective workout in 20 to 40 minutes time, depending on your fitness goals.

Here’s a run down of a few exercises you can do to get started.

Jumping Jacks

Prison Squats


Jog In Place

You do each exercise for one minute. You’ll want to get as many repetitions in one minute as you can. So you’ll be pushing yourself. Once you finish one exercise for a minute you’ll move onto the next without resting. Do that until you complete all four exercises. At the end of 4 minutes you’ll take a 30 second to 1 minute break. Then you’ll do it all over again.

Do that for a total of 5 or more rounds. If you’re just starting you might only be able to get 3 rounds in. That’s ok. If you’re seasoned you might be able to get 7 rounds in. That’s fine too. This is just to get you started.

If you’re really interested in losing weight fast without the pills, supplements, and unhealthy methods promoted on TV or in magazines, then I want you to go get the Insanity 60 Day Total Body Workout from Beach Body. It’s one of the most effective methods I’ve ever seen at pushing you to your limits and cutting weight as fast you as you can.


You may have seen the infomercials and think it may be a thought program. It is a tough program but no one expects you to complete it the first time in.

Once you get your copy, all you want to do is take your time, follow the instructions, and lose weight. You’ll be amazed at the results you get. Go do it and remember to report back here and let me know the kinds of results your getting.

To your health and well being…


John Sherman
Big Daddy’s Health Spot

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How To Lose Weight With Insanity Quickly and Easily

Lose Weight With InsanityWant to get to the beach without feeling like people are staring at your gut, don’t you? 

It’s common to lose your motivation for working out when life gets in the way.  You probably start your plan with focus and determination to reach your goals.  As the days go by, you may find yourself finding excuses to do something else. 

You’ve probably been wondering how to regain the level of determination and focus you started with.  You begin looking for the magic pill that will give you the same success you’ve seen others get after they decided to buy the Insanity workout DVD program.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to lose weight or just improve your overall health, the first thing you must do is set clearly defined goals.  How often do you want to use the DVD’s?  How much time will you spend working on?  Will you do 30 minutes or will you finish the full DVD each day?  Identify what your personal goals are and make them real by writing them down and sharing them with others.

As Nike Says, Just Do It!

One thing that has helped many people who do the Insanity program is to keep a journal of progress.  You get to say how detailed you are.  Some people will capture what they eat, how they feel, what time they worked out, and the effect on their day.  You don’t have to get that detailed if you don’t want.  The idea is that you are keeping yourself accountable and keeping your workout goals on the front of your mind.  that will help you meet your own deadlines and goals.  You’ll clearly see when you’re not doing what you know you should be.

One thing you should never do if you want to lose weight is to go hungry.  You might think you need to cut tons of calories out of your diet to lose weight.  But you don’t.  Follow the Insanity diet program and you’ll be fine.  It gives you the formula you need to know how many calories you need to be eating every day to achieve your goals.  Follow it.  What ever you do, don’t skip meals.  They are very important.

Insanity Workout DVD Program

Keeping on track with the Insanity DVD’s is critical to your weight loss.  Can you skip a day and still lose weight?  Of course.  But the idea is that you are moving some every day.  The other thing it builds is a new habit for you.  By the time you finish the first 60 days you’ll have a new habit ingrained into your lifestyle.  And it’s a healthy one to boot.  So keep it going.  If you have to skip, no problem but get back on it quickly.

This is common sense for most people who buy this program, but sometimes it’s hard to follow. You should get rid of all your junk food and high-calorie snacks from your house. When these snacks are not in your kitchen, you cannot just automatically and mindlessly reach for them when you’re hungry. Have healthy stuff to eat instead, such as fruit, vegetables and yogurt. I promise, once you keep this up for a while you’ll begin to notice it just comes natural.

If You’re Want To Learn More About The Insanity Program Click Here…

Lastly, if you really want to make a difference for yourself using Insanity, then enroll a friend into doing it with you.  If you have an accountability partner, you may find it easier to stick to.  When you have to meet someone or talk to someone daily who is holding you accountable you will begin to think twice before you skip a day.  The insanity DVD program is designed to build on your progress.  That’s why you do a fit test every two weeks.  You will prove to yourself that you’re getting results.  When you do that with a friend it’s amplified success.  You get to share in your success together.

Not only that but when there are failures you can pull each other up.  When you do Insanity together you begin to have a connected partnership.  You begin to feel proud about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  You get to share with others not only your success but you get to brag on your accountability partner as well.  It’s a huge help for anything you do.  I urge you to try it.

To your health and well being…


John Sherman
Big Daddy’s Health Spot

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Get Back In Shape – Exercise Routine For Men Over 40

Exercise Routine For Men Over 40Are you over 40, or close to it, and looking for the perfect exercise routine for your busy life?  I’ve got an answer for you.

If you pay for a gym membership you don’t use, can barely find the time to do anything because you’re so busy, and you’ve found yourself wanting to shed a few pounds, then this simple and effective exercise routine is for you.

Maybe you need to lose 5 pounds or maybe you need to lose 75 pounds, either way you have to start somewhere.  Starting slow, in my opinion, is the best way to go.

I’m sure you’ll be happy with the following set of exercises.  They will easily fit into your busy life.

I know you don’t want spend an hour at the gym or 45 minutes running outside.  You just want to get back into shape and start shedding a few pounds.  

Here’s what you can do…

 The following exercises can be done any time of day and fit into the busiest of schedules. 

For each exercise perform as many repetitions as you can for 1 minute with no rest between each exercise.  That’s round 1.

After each round take a 1 minute rest and start your next round until you have completed a total of 3 to 5 rounds.  That’s only 12 to 20 minutes of actual exercise time.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect exercise routine for anyone with a busy schedule.  It’s ideal for someone who hasn’t worked out in a while and wants to start slow.

Here are the exercises:

Jumping Jacks – These are an old favorite you probably remember from high school. This time no one will be watching you.  They are extremely effective at boosting your heart rate and when you combine them with the following exercises I’m almost sure you’ll see results. 

Now don’t be dissuaded by the simplicity of it all.  It works.  Besides, if these are too simple for you you can always make things more difficult by changing what you do in the jumping jack.  I’ll probably write an article about more advanced methods later on.  For now stick with the basics.  Here’s a video to make sure you’re doing your jumping jacks correctly.

Run-In-Place – No exercise routine is complete unless you are running in place.  Remember no one is watching you or pushing you.  You can go as slow or as fast as you want but if you want to get the effectiveness of it all you’ll want to push yourself.  Make sure you move as fast as you can and bring your knees to the height of your hip. 

Not only will your heart rate go up but you’ll be engaging your core and hip flexors in the process.  It’s a great exercise to do when you have 5 minutes to kill.   Jack up your heart rate and burn some fat baby.  Here’s a video demonstrating great form…

Squat Jump – This is a great body weight exercise that will allow you to put your cardio vascular system on overdrive and build strength in your legs.  When you’re done with this simple exercise you’ll know you’ve done some work.  It only takes a minute but when you combine these exercises together you’ll be turning on your metabolic furnace. 

I’m always wiped when I finish these no matter how long I’ve been doing them.  So don’t get discouraged if you can only do a few.  You start where you start and no one knows anything but you. The trick is to keep going.  This routine is to get you started into a routine, not kill you.  So just keep at it.  Check this video out to make sure you have good form…

Burpees – Here’s another exercise you probably recognize from high school or if you were ever in the military, from boot camp.  I remember we had to do these in the Navy but our physical instructors didn’t look anything like the lady in the video below.  Either way this exercise is another fat incinerator.  Even if you’re in a hotel room and have 5 minutes to get your blood moving, burpees will do it for you. Check out the video and remember to report in when you’ve been doing this for a little while.  I want to hear about your results.

So here’s the full routine you will be doing…

Jumping Jacks – As many as you can do in 1 Minute

Run-In-Place – As many as you can do in 1 Minute

Squat Jump – As many as you can do in 1 Minute

Burpees – As many as you can do in 1 Minute

Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat for 3 to 5 rounds.

That’s all there is to it.

This little exercise routine will get you moving and burning some calories.  Is this routine designed for you to get in tip top shape.  No, of course not.  This is to get you going and move you in the right direction. 

Why do men over 40, often times, fail at losing weight?

It’s my opinion that most people fail at losing weight because they start off too strong and don’t stick with it.  If it’s been a year since you’ve worked out for any length of time, what makes you think you can get up and do a 60 minute workout and expect to stick to it? 

If you’ve been a couch potato and want a better success at weight loss then start slow and put a structure in place that will allow you to do it slowly.  Follow the simple steps I’ve put together for you to get some results first. 

It  only 12 to 20 minutes a day to get moving, feel energized, and get your body burning some fat.

If you’re interested in taking your health to a new level…

Then I would suggest you check out the Insanity Total Body Workout by Beach Body.  It’s the ultimate exercise program and it doesn’t matter if you’re 40 years old or if you’re a spring chicken at 20 years old.  It will work your tale off and you’ll be glad you did it.

Buy Insanity On Amazon

If you’re wondering why you should considering the Insanity 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program, it’s because this home based workout DVD is unlike any other program you’ve seen.  You don’t need extra equipment.  You don’t need special tools.  You don’t even need to super coordinated.  You just need to have the motivation to get through 60 days. 

You can commit to something for 60 days can’t you?  If you were able to commit to the exercise routine above to get you started you can commit yourself to the Insanity program.  Believe me, your body will change using this routine.  If you want to read more about it you can check out an article I wrote here:  All About Insanity .

If you have questions or have any comments about these routines, leave me a comment below this article.

To your health and well being…


John Sherman
Big Daddy’s Health Spot

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How To Lose Weight For Men Over 40

Portrait of grandparents with granddaughter having funYou’re Over 40, Want To Lose Weight, And Your Dealing With Something…

You wake up and just want to stay in bed.  You don’t want to get up and go to the gym.  You don’t want to go outside and run.  But you’ve got to do something. 

You look in the mirror and see someone who is heading for a heart attack.  You cringe when you think about going to the beach or the pool where you’ll have to take your shirt off. 

You hate walking places with friends because you’re always the one out of breath.  You don’t go to fairs, carnivals, or outdoor events because the rides have weight limits.  And you weigh too much.

You can’t wear the best clothes and stay current with fashions because you’re overweight and Abercrombie, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren don’t make your size.

But you deal with it all.

It’s frustrating when you think of all the things you can’t do.  But at the same time you stay in the rut and can’t seem to get out of.

If You Keep Dong What You’ve Always Done

You’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten if you do nothing.  In fact, it will probably get worse.  Your health will continue toward failure.  You can look forward to a nice week long stay in a hospital (or longer) if you don’t change your ways.  It’s just the way things are. 

You probably have looked at your health and figured… that’s how you’ll always be.  Then you get into a health mode and want to do something about it. 

Then you fall back into being resigned about your weight loss.  You’re resigned about the things you can’t do in life.  You’re resigned about not being able to wear ‘normal’ size clothes. 

But you have the power to change all that.

Here Are Just A Few Solutions Available To You (Some Good, Some Not So Good)

You can take weight loss pills.  But most of them are poisonous and remind you to not take longer than a certain period of time.  I know I’ve tried them.  They worked for a while but never addressed the root cause.  Once you come off the pills there is nothing to keep you from gaining weight back.  It’s a horrible way to go.  Personally, I don’t believe in the weight loss pill route.  They’re just bad in too many ways.

You can go on a fad diet.  Look, if you’re looking to drop weight quick and you don’t care if it comes back when the fad diet is over, then go for it. But I would venture to say that no one can stay on these fad diets for any length of time.  One of them has you counting calories.  Another one has you counting carbs.  Yet another one has you using cards to keep track of your serving sizes.    You can do all of that on your own with a little common sense.  You definitely don’t need to throw your hard earned money away on something that is hear now gone later.

You can follow the celebrities on TV and try one of the “No Fail” solutions.  Sure, the celebrities jump on TV, the radio, or in magazines and tout how they’ve lost weight with this amazing device, program, or pill.  Does it ever occur to you that they are being paid to say that.  They’re being paid large amounts of money to pitch you that item.  If you’re interested, try it but I’ll bet it falls to the side just like the fad diet products.

So what should you do?

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

For guys over 40 who want to lose weight, I recommend you get out there and exercise.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best and most effective ways to get the exercise you need and lose weight fast.  It doesn’t matter if you’re over 40 or over 50.  It works. 

There are tons of scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of this type of training.  But it seems like only a few people know about it.  It allows you to do less workout in terms of time but get more bang for your buck.

High Intensity Interval training not only builds strength and flexibility it also builds cardiovascular health.  One of the best weight loss programs that accomplishes all of these is the Insanity 60 Day Workout Program

It’s built on HIIT training. 

It’s highly effective and works for men over 40.  All you have to do is go check out the reviews on Amazon.

Get The Insanity 60 Day Workout Program On Amazon Now!

Imagine looking back after 60 days knowing that getting this program was the best decision you’ve made all year.  You’re body has changed.  Your breathing is not labored.  Your confidence is high.  You look and feel better than you ever have before.  In fact you look forward to going to the beach or the pool to strip off your shirt and show off your new body.

Believe me, Insanity is the fastest, most healthy method I’ve ever seen for men over 40 to lose those extra pounds.  Yes, it will be intense but it will get you the results you want.

I urge you to try it.

If you want to know more you can either click the link above and head over to Amazon or you can check out this article I wrote…

How To Buy The Insanity Workout Cheap 

It gives you the rundown on what to expect and what you’ll get. 

Go get fit, confidence, and healthy.

To your health and well being…


John Sherman
Big Daddy’s Health Spot

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