How To Help Your Overweight Child Lose Weight

Having an overweight child can be very difficult. You don’t want to deprive your child of the food he or she needs to grow and thrive; however, being overweight can cause many problems in a child’s social life in the present and in terms of health, fitness and acceptance in society in the future. It may be hard to address your child’s weight problem, but as a parent, you have the responsibility to do so. Luckily, you can do this in a kind and gentle way that will not hurt your child’s feelings and will help and support his or her self-image and feelings of confidence. Follow the guidelines presented here to help your child recognize his or her weight problem and deal with it effectively.

Be sure to set up a regular eating schedule for your child. Rather than watching your child like a hawk and correcting eating habits on a regular ongoing basis throughout the day, make certain that you are always there with a regular schedule of three healthful and satisfying meals and three light and nutritious snacks a day. When you make sure that your child has proper nutrition on a regular basis, you are heading off obesity at the pass. This one simple tip maybe all that you need to do to address your child’s weight problem. Nonetheless, keep reading for more great ideas to help you keep your child fit and trim.

When you introduce the habit of eating three moderate, healthful meals per day and three light and nutritious snacks, remember that your portions should be less then the average American is used to. In America, we tend to pile our plates high at dinnertime. This is not a healthy way to do it! Remember to serve moderate portions at each meal and reasonable portions at each snack. If you are serving healthful foods to begin with and encouraging your child to eat slowly and chew well, it is unlikely that your child will feel hungry or ask for seconds. If your child does ask for seconds under these circumstances, it’s probably just fine. Remember that children are growing and sometimes need extra food. If you make smart choices in food when choosing and serving, your child will be safe in asking for seconds when necessary.

Always make smart, natural choices in the foods you choose to prepare. Avoid heavily processed foods, foods that are filled with hydrogenated oils, unnatural coloring and flavoring, artificial sweeteners and so on. Instead, choose natural whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality protein choices and healthful oils that contain plenty of omega three fatty acids. Remember that children do need more oils in their diet than adults do. This is important for proper growth and development, so do not place your child on a low fat diet. Instead, be sure to choose healthful oils and fats included in the proper amount. Making natural, healthful choices in your kitchen will benefit your child, yourself and your entire family.

Making sure that your child is well fed at home will help your child to make smart choices in social situations and at school. Be sure your child has a delicious and healthful lunch to carry to school every day, and make sure the lunch is plentiful so your child will not feel hungry and dissatisfied at school. When your child goes to parties and holiday celebrations, don’t deprive him or her of the fun of enjoying the special foods that are presented. Instead, be certain that your child is well fed at home in advance.

Don’t be an embarrassing addition to your child’s social outings by making a big deal of food choices in social settings. Discuss this casually at home and interest your child to make choices. All of this is part of developing a healthful relationship with prove that will serve your child well throughout his or her lifetime.

Never reward your child for good behavior, good grades or anything else with food. This is setting your child up for a lifetime of believing that every good occasion calls for food. This is a very unhealthy relationship with food. Instead, provide your child with a regular, modest allowance for doing specific chores around the house. Provide opportunities to earn money or privileges by doing extra chores. Remember to praise your child lavishly for good behavior, good grades and any and all other praiseworthy events. Help your child plan smart ways to spend and invest money earned. This will help your child avoid squandering money on junk food and candy and instead prepare for a life as a responsible adult.

Set a good fitness example by exercising yourself. Be sure to plan family fitness activities such as ballgames, family hikes, weekly swimming and so on to keep everybody in shape. Make certain that you make wise choices such as walking or biking instead of driving whenever possible, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking a daily walk or bike ride just for the fun of it. Be as active as you can at all times and include your child. This at-home version of being the change you wish to see in the world will benefit you, your child and your entire family.


Above all, never tell your child to do is I say and not as I do! If you want your child to stay fit and slim and healthy, you must make healthful choices yourself. Set a good example and help your child makes smart, healthy choices for a long and happy life.

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