How To Lose Weight With Insanity Quickly and Easily

Lose Weight With InsanityWant to get to the beach without feeling like people are staring at your gut, don’t you? 

It’s common to lose your motivation for working out when life gets in the way.  You probably start your plan with focus and determination to reach your goals.  As the days go by, you may find yourself finding excuses to do something else. 

You’ve probably been wondering how to regain the level of determination and focus you started with.  You begin looking for the magic pill that will give you the same success you’ve seen others get after they decided to buy the Insanity workout DVD program.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to lose weight or just improve your overall health, the first thing you must do is set clearly defined goals.  How often do you want to use the DVD’s?  How much time will you spend working on?  Will you do 30 minutes or will you finish the full DVD each day?  Identify what your personal goals are and make them real by writing them down and sharing them with others.

As Nike Says, Just Do It!

One thing that has helped many people who do the Insanity program is to keep a journal of progress.  You get to say how detailed you are.  Some people will capture what they eat, how they feel, what time they worked out, and the effect on their day.  You don’t have to get that detailed if you don’t want.  The idea is that you are keeping yourself accountable and keeping your workout goals on the front of your mind.  that will help you meet your own deadlines and goals.  You’ll clearly see when you’re not doing what you know you should be.

One thing you should never do if you want to lose weight is to go hungry.  You might think you need to cut tons of calories out of your diet to lose weight.  But you don’t.  Follow the Insanity diet program and you’ll be fine.  It gives you the formula you need to know how many calories you need to be eating every day to achieve your goals.  Follow it.  What ever you do, don’t skip meals.  They are very important.

Insanity Workout DVD Program

Keeping on track with the Insanity DVD’s is critical to your weight loss.  Can you skip a day and still lose weight?  Of course.  But the idea is that you are moving some every day.  The other thing it builds is a new habit for you.  By the time you finish the first 60 days you’ll have a new habit ingrained into your lifestyle.  And it’s a healthy one to boot.  So keep it going.  If you have to skip, no problem but get back on it quickly.

This is common sense for most people who buy this program, but sometimes it’s hard to follow. You should get rid of all your junk food and high-calorie snacks from your house. When these snacks are not in your kitchen, you cannot just automatically and mindlessly reach for them when you’re hungry. Have healthy stuff to eat instead, such as fruit, vegetables and yogurt. I promise, once you keep this up for a while you’ll begin to notice it just comes natural.

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Lastly, if you really want to make a difference for yourself using Insanity, then enroll a friend into doing it with you.  If you have an accountability partner, you may find it easier to stick to.  When you have to meet someone or talk to someone daily who is holding you accountable you will begin to think twice before you skip a day.  The insanity DVD program is designed to build on your progress.  That’s why you do a fit test every two weeks.  You will prove to yourself that you’re getting results.  When you do that with a friend it’s amplified success.  You get to share in your success together.

Not only that but when there are failures you can pull each other up.  When you do Insanity together you begin to have a connected partnership.  You begin to feel proud about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  You get to share with others not only your success but you get to brag on your accountability partner as well.  It’s a huge help for anything you do.  I urge you to try it.

To your health and well being…


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