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Lose Weight CheapIf you’ve ever wanted to know how to lose weight fast and cheap then you should read the rest of this article.

A common stereotype in modern times is that poor folks are typically obese. While this stereotype is statistically true in many cases within this nation, it is not something you have to live into.  If you don’t have lots of money, that’s ok. If your wallet is a little on the thin side, there are ways that you can join it in being slender, without spending a lot of money.

1. Consider smaller gyms around your community. Local, independent and regional establishments hunger for business. National chains with huge gyms are effective places to lose weight and can offer occasional deals, but are built in areas that were market tested to prove profitability. Local, smaller gyms are trying to eke out a living and just make it through the next few quarters, and are more likely to offer new clientele some serious discounts and pricing to keep you away from the chains.  Besides that, the smaller gyms may offer more one-on-one time that would allow you to get better results regardless if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain.

2. If you are building a weight set at home, do it in increments. Having a full weight set is a good goal, but there is no need to buy it all at once. Clear out a corner of a room one weekend, and then buy the basic starting chair or storage rack. Then, you can add one weight set with every or every other paycheck. This curve might even match your growing physical ability to lift the heavier expensive weights, so why have them early?  You might even consider starting with dumbbells.  They are typically cheaper and you can by them cheaply from used sports stores.  You could even check Craigslist in your area to see if someone is trying to get rid of their set.

3. Running is the ultimate in budget-friendly exercise. The only investments are time and a good pair of running shoes. There are places to run all around you and they are available all day long.  If you have to save up for a good pair of running shoes I would encourage you to think about doing just that.  If you have shoes that are not designed to protect your feet you could end up with severe foot problems.  On the other hand you could begin practicing the new fad and go barefoot.  Be sure to work up to what is doable for you.

4. Yoga is one of the most increasingly popular exercise forms in recent years. Many studios have monthly contracts that are around a hundred dollars for unlimited classes. Another trend are ‘community’ or ‘good karma’ classes, which are typically just five dollars per session, as compared to the average of fifteen. For home practice, there is a booming market of DVDs that you pay for once and can practice with as much as you like. For free home practice, check out internet amateur video websites that offer sample classes from teachers and studios trying to promote themselves.  You could even get your fix of Yoga by doing a quick Youtube search.

5. Outdoor activities like hiking, boating, swimming and rock climbing are available in most communities. Check out your government websites for local municipal, state and even national parks. Most feature no to low admission costs and have a variety of activities available.  Anytime you can get moving and do it with friends it’s going to be good.  My wife has tried mall working with a friend of hers.  She gets to pass the stores, do some people watching, and she gets her heart rate up.  All you have to do is get a little creative and you could have a low cost solution to weight loss ready to go.

6. Check online sources as well as local media for community sponsored activities. Charity walks or runs are often sources of raising donations for certain charities. Festivals also often have some kind of featured athletic event you could participate in.   You could consider asking friends or family to sponsor your run or walk.  In the end you’ll be raising money for a good cause while you get into and stay in shape.

7. Fitness videos are extremely low cost these days, thanks largely to two considerations. One, almost all homes have DVD players. Two, video can be streamed online over the internet. Check the bargain DVD bin of your favorite retailer and the video tab of your search engine of choice to find a boggling supply of exercise videos available to you free and cheap.  If you’re interested in finding out a proven workout DVD then you should check out the DVD from Beach Body.  It’s called Insanity 60 Day Total Body Workout.  Click the link and I’ll show you how to buy the insanity workout cheap.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

Finding the best fitness plan on a budget is a little harder than if you were doing better financially, but it is certainly not impossible. Apply the ideas presented in this article to your life and you might find yourself in better shape without draining your wallet.  These are definitely the best ways I’ve found to lose weight on the cheap.

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