Weight Loss Advice For Men Over 40

Weight gain is the biggest problem for many men in their 40’s. In fact weight loss for men over 40 seems to be impossible.  Once you hit middle age, it seems so easy to add on a few pounds, but yet, those few pounds are hard to burn off. Unfortunately, that comes with the aging process.

The changes in your body as it ages affects how it uses energy. This is not to say that this is a hopeless case. It just means that, as you age, you have to pay extra attention to what you eat and how you treat your body. Every little bit counts. To learn more about how you can stay physically fit well into your middle age and beyond continue reading.

Why are you gaining weight. This may have something to do with physiological changes that your body goes through. When you get older the mass of your muscles decrease. This is particularly true if you don’t keep up with your exercises.

The ability for your body to burn fat slows down. A lot of time, this is made worse by going on fad diets.  It creates a “yo-yo” effect on your body weight.  Often times it causes you to gain back more weight than you lost in the first place.

Weight gain can also be genetic, which explains why some people gain weight much faster than others.

The Secret To Weight Loss For Men Over 40

The secret to losing weight is in your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the quicker you can burn off those extra calories. Your metabolism is determined by a multitude of factors, including your age, gender and genetics. For instance, men naturally burn off calories quicker than women, even if both people are resting. However, there are things you can do to speed up your metabolism. The biggest factor  is the amount of exercise that you get. The more you exercise, the faster your metabolism will be.  But it’s specific types of exercise.  The kinds of exercises you want to focus on are high intensity interval training similar to the ones found in the Insanity 60-Day Workout by Beachbody.

There are medications that you can take to speed up weight loss, but usually that is only reserved for the more severe cases. Only your doctor can tell if medications are appropriate for your health situation. Keep in mind there is no pill that will be perfect for weight loss.  If you go that route you will be trading one thing for another. Medication should be taken as part of a weight loss only if your doctor prescribes it.

As mentioned earlier, exercising is definitely the secret to a fast metabolism. Doing the right exercises can really help you boost your metabolic rate. Here are some suggestions on the right type of exercise to include.

You should include some form of muscle building in your exercise regimen. This is not to say that you will become a bodybuilder. But building more muscle does help you burn more calories… even when your muscles are resting.

Aerobic exercises don’t build muscles like resistance training but will improve your cardiovascular system.  Any type of exercise will help you burn calories but if you can keep it focused and intense, the more effective it will be.

It may be a good idea to look for support groups.  You can find people in your demographic that will motivate you and keep you on track. Check with your doctor to see if he has information. You may even be able to find an online community to participate. This is a way for you to vent frustrations, air out your concerns, and just connect with people who are going through similar struggles. If you can find support locally, you can even get together for exercises, just to make things more interesting.

Don’t overlook the importance of a healthy, low-fat diet. Cut out junk food that provide no nutritional value and too many empty calories. Drink plenty of water with your meals which helps your metabolism. Indulge in an energy drink occasionally. Some help speed up your metabolism because they include ingredients like caffeine and amino acids. Save your favorite dessert for special occasions and eat more fruits to satisfy your craving for sweets.

As you get older, you have to be mindful that your body will have different needs. It is not the same body that you had twenty years ago. However, with the right attitude and proper planning, you can stay in tip-top shape regardless of how old you are.  Avoid a sedentary life. Get into the habit of moving your body and getting proper physical exercise. If you have the right self-discipline, you can stay fit and keep your weight down well into your mature years.

To your health.

John Sherman

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